Project Celebration, Inc. - Serving Louisiana Region 8
Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) at Project Celebration is a meeting place during which families and those identified as possible sources of support in the community (i.e. facilitators, caseworkers, Guardian Ad litem, etc...) come together and decide on a safety and service plan to protect the child in care. The FRC receives referrals from the court system and Department of Children and Family Services in the local communities served. 

The structure provided comes in the form of supervised visitation and coaching in a neutral setting, parenting classes that provide families with positive core values and beliefs, family maintenance and education, substance abuse counseling, and building a strong family support network.

The FRC strives to empower families by utilizing the goals, talents, confidence and combining them with environmental resources, people, and opportunities in order to create happy, healthy families who develop the highest capacity for safety, self-reliance and personal well-being.

Phone: 318.256.6242
Fax: 318.256.2064

580 W Main Street
Many, LA 71449

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 4PM
Sat - Sun: Closed

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