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Northwest Family Support Organization

The Coordinated Systems of Care (CSoC) is a research-based model that is part of a national movement to develop family- and youth-driven care and keep children with severe behavioral needs at home, in school, and out of the child welfare and juvenile justice system.

What State agencies are involved?
  • Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ)
  • Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)
  • Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH)
  • Department of Education (DOE)

What are the CSoC’s goals?
  • Reduction in the number of targeted children and youth in detention and residential settings
  • Reduction of the State’s cost of providing services by leveraging Medicaid and other funding sources
  • Improving the overall outcomes for these children and their caregivers

Who will CSoC serve?
Children and Youth with significant behavioral challenges what are at imminent risk of out of home placement defined as:
  • Addiction Facilities
  • Alternative Schools
  • Detention
  • Developmental Disabilities Facilities
  • Foster Care
  • Homelessness as identified by DOE
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Residential treatment facilities
  • Secure Care Facilities

Louisiana’s CSoC
  • Incorporate a broad, flexible array of services and supports
  • Organized into a coordinated network
  • Integrates care planning and management across multiple levels
  • Is culturally and linguistically competent
  • Builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth to ensure the best method of care

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